The best of the kind Los Angeles facelift surgery done at Beverly Hills Aesthetics.

Many people especially females are worried about ageing effects, as it makes them feel older than their actual age, which is always a great issue to be solved for them. For all those who are troubled with ageing Dr. Sam Assassa has brought good news by introducing the fastest procedure. Due to changed environmental factors and also due to change in lifestyle many of us get early ageing signs.  For people who are looking for lifting the face, The Cosmo Lift™ procedure is the best of its kind which you can go with, as it is fast, easy and good recovery has been seen. It immediately softens laugh lines and other signs of ageing like; it lifts and tightens drooping eyebrows, cheeks.  

#1 beverly hills botox   care of their patients in personal, and see to it that they deserve the best for their money paid. Here they can treat you to eliminate wrinkles, acne, smile lift and excessive sweating.  All of which falls under facial treatments. He came up with this idea, because in this busy world people not only are looking for non- surgical face- lifts methods but, they want them done as quickly as possible.  The name is given to be” Cosmo facelift”.  This treatment is growing in popularity because it is such an improvement over traditional surgical procedures.  It is a proven method of anti- aging.

In the procedure the puncture incision is .2 inches long and is made in the hairline or behind the ear, the scar is hardly seen as it is very minor and no stitching is needed.   There may also be localized swelling which can go within 48 hours.  Cosmo Lift™ only requires local anesthesia.    Cosmo Lift™ costs between $ 3,000 and $ 4,000.

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